Google Adwords

Google ad words is the best and effective marketing and advertising campaign from google. If you want to show your business in the google search engine then google ad words is the right place for you.
Google ad words is the platform where you can enlist your business services and get connected to visitors easily. When a user searches for the query or a keyword and if that keyword matches with your business products then google automatically places your business at the top of the search engine. 
The business you have paid for google to advertise will be displayed or featured as ads in the list of queries you have searched for. 

There are many types of ads on google that might interest the customers. There are many places for ads on google like search ads, display ads, shopping ads, etc. The most common ads that users clicks or visits are search ads. This ad is one of the expensive ads on Google compared to display ads and shopping ads. Basically what users do is that they click on the featured ads on the top of search engines knowingly or unknowingly. This results in more engagement of the users and CTR increases too. 
For example, if you search for heater products on google then you can see the products from Daraz at the top of the search engine. This is all because of google ads. You can see the (Ad) featured in google before the website name.
Displaying search ads on google depends upon your location. It targets the users around your location. For example, If you search for the best hotels in Kathmandu then it will display the business list only from the Kathmandu valley. If you are living on Butwal and want to display your business on google then users living around butwal can view your business list based on their locations. Therefore relevancy plays an important role in the process of displaying ads. 
The quality of your business or landing page equally plays an important role during the ad campaign. If your website has less quality score than your competitor, your competitor ad will display at the top of the search engine. Though you and your competitor have bid an equal amount of money for the placement of ads, Google will place your ads ranking the quality of your landing page. In order to beat your competitor, all you need to do is build a quality website containing a good SEO score. 
Displaying the ads on Google depends on what the users are looking for. They need to hit the right keyword matching your business. You need to optimize all the keywords and understand the basic requirements before placing an ad on google. Google automatically recognizes the number of keywords and shows it to the user who is searching for a similar topic. The topics advertiser wants to show to the customers are placed in a sequence by google which helps the advertiser to realize what customers may search for a relevant topic.
As placing ads on google is not free, you are investing some amount of money to place your ads. You need to do a little bit of research on how google ads work before placing your ad on google. This can save you a huge time and effort before investing in your business.